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Got a safe or vault that needs moving in Monmouth and Ocean County? Look no further than Bradley Beach Movers.

Safes and vaults are extremely heavy, often weighing hundreds of pounds. To move them, you’ll need an experienced, safe-moving company with the expertise and equipment to move these items safely and securely.

Trust us to handle your heavy safes and vaults with care and take all the stress of moving them away. Call (201) 349-8938 today for a free estimate.

Why You Need Professional Jersey Shore Safe Moving Services

Safe moving is a dangerous undertaking and is not something untrained individuals should do.

When moving heavy safes and vaults, any of the following worst-case scenarios can happen to the surroundings or the people involved:

  •         Broken bones, rib cages, and feet
  •         Cracked floors and wall tiles
  •         Holes in the wall
  •         In the worst cases, fatalities

A professional safe moving company eliminates these risks.

They have the equipment – heavy-duty dollies, cranes, and lifts – and a trained workforce to make the moving process safer. These companies are experts at getting the safe or vault into and out of the moving truck and placing it into its new location without causing damage.

Don’t risk injury or damage. Contact Bradley Beach Movers, professional safe, vault, and gun-safe movers that treat every job with the care it demands.

The Best Professional Safe Movers in Central New Jersey and Beyond

Bradley Beach Movers is a professional and experienced vault and gun safe mover and moving, packing, and storage company in Neptune City, NJ.

We have over five years’ experience moving heavy safes and vaults for homes and businesses in Central NJ and beyond.

We are known for our:

  •         Professional and Courteous Service
  •         Cost-Effective and Flexible Pricing
  •         First-Rate Customer Service
  •         Locally Owned and Operated Status
  •         100% Safety Track Record

Whether you’re moving your safe fifty feet or down fifty flights of stairs, our experienced and capable personnel will provide you with safe and secure service, whether your safe is full or empty. We also handle all makes of safes, vaults, and gun-safes.

Call Bradley Beach Movers today at (201) 349-8938 for a consultation and to obtain a free estimate. You can also fill our online contact form for a no-obligation quote or pop into our office in Neptune City open 7 am – 7 pm every day.